Creative Journalling eCourse

The Creative Journaling eCourse is for anyone who wants to learn the life-changing, deeply enjoyable habit of creative journal-keeping. 

Forget the daily grind of writing minimum words, or pouring out your angst onto paper - this is a playful way of journal-keeping, all about fun, colour, mess and exploration!

Having accumulated a pretty big pile of journals and gained an enormous amount from the practice over the past few years, I thought it was high time to share what I've learnt!

Here is a little video telling you all about it.....


You will get:-

- A daily prompt & exercise by email for each of the 30 days
- A private Facebook group where you can meet others on the course.
- All course materials online any time you need them,  and the chance to download all of them to use whenever you want to.
- A reading list of books and online resources.

See my eCourse FAQs for general questions about how this type of learning works.

Creative Journaling is a valuable practice for anyone who wants to live a fuller, more colourful life, expand their creativity and have a record of good times they've lived.

It's a way of keeping your creativity alight through quiet times, or when life gets in the way. It's also a way of creating a source of ideas and inspiration for finished artwork, reflect on what's important to you and gain deep insights by taking time out to think about your days.

Recording, celebrating and illustrating your day-to-day life can have some wonderful effects on how you live, too, opening your eyes to the wonder around you! In this online course, we will spend 30 days trying out lots of ways to get ideas flowing on paper - from writing exercises to doodling, drawing and collage. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace and to your own strengths with a series of exercises which vary in length, enabling you to pick and choose which to do and even combine some of them.

There'll be no pressure to fill pages and pages each day, it's all about finding your own rhythm with journaling so that you can get into the habit that suits you best.

By the end of the eCourse, you will be familiar with the techniques and habits needed to continue to keep a journal for life!

You will get

- five motivational & fun (and short enough to watch on a tea break) video tutorials.

- A downloadable e-book full of ideas and playsheets.

- Daily email prompts for most of the 30 days (there is a 3 day 'catchup break' in the middle!

What people say about this course

"....all of my journal pages have things written on the fronts and backs, going in all different directions, layers of ideas which bear fruit in projects that come forward over time. It is amazing."  (Tammy)

".........was adding to my journal and had an amazing rush of ideas ........I realised how busy and creative I've been doing this and how much I have ACTUALLY done. Journals are for GRATITUDE too (one of the rulz!). So here I am... being grateful to you for unlocking me" (Rita)

 "....a magical mystery tour! Would never have expected to be painting at the end of it!" (Lisa)

"'s inspired all sorts of projects!"  (Gail)

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  1. Hi Jani,
    how wonderful and loved your presentation vid:-)
    I cannot join you at this moment as I am birthing a creative baby myself these days but I wanted to wish you good luck with it, a lot of happy do-ers and a wonderful spring - it's cooomiiing:-)
    lots of love


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