Monday, 11 February 2013

#Creativebeing prompt - 11 Feb 2013

For the next five weeks, we are getting elemental!

I thought it would be fun to link up a few week's prompts, and I love working with natural symbols, so the next five weeks will be exploring the elements:  earth, air, fire, water and spirit or essence.  These elements appear in a lot of ancient myths and, although we now know there are far more elements (and these ones are made up of many - except fire of course!), they are still strong symbols for creative exploration.  

At least, I thought so!

It's also a great way to introduce you to one of my favourite short film makers, Zina Brown, who made this film, 'Hidden Sister', using dancers to represent the elements.

Join in by responding to the prompt in your own way and posting it in the#creativebeings Facebook group, in the Flickr group or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #creativebeing

From one word to a whole painting, from a photograph to a haiku, or a ceramic pot - or even an epic opera - any way you respond and share is beautiful and perfect - come and play!

This week's #creativebeingprompt is:  

Represent the element of EARTH.  Earth is the name of our gorgeous planet, a rocky body orbiting the sun whose name comes from the Old English word, eorthe.  It's also what we call soil, the stuff all our food comes from - and where we will eventually go for a long sleep.  There's even a whole film, 'Dirt', all about the soil!

Think about the meanings of the word, the smell of rain on a flowerbed, the feeling of mud squishing beneath your toes.... think about all the things Earth means to you.  Then.....write, photograph, draw, paint, collage whatever takes your fancy.  You could even make something out of earth, I do it all the time.

Then SHARE it and see what others have created!

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Tag #creativebeing in your blog, or just email me :)

Love, light and glitterbombs,


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