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Welcome to this special place for your creative being!  I am chuffed to bits that you are here.

Pour yourself a nice cup of tea (mine's an Earl Grey, black), get comfy and let me show you around.

This little virtual lounge of mine is a place where I welcome Creative Beings to sit around the fire with me, talk about the things that make you tick, get excited about art and get covered in glitter.  You're going to love it.

It all began as a way to connect with people who knew they had a Creative Being in them, what I call 'The Inner Artist', but had lost touch with this a little.  I'd been teaching in person for years, but since starting my own art cafe (more of that later!) it wasn't something I could do as much.

It's ended up forming into a community, supporting and sharing with each other, healing, transforming and blossoming.

It has healed and supported me, too, in so many ways.

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