Follow the Butterflies

Dear Creative Being,

I want to invite you to step into the life you’ve been longing for.

Follow the Butterflies will help you transform your life by leading you on a wonderful, colourful and creative journey to find your inner artist.

Butterflies are one of my favourite creatures and I've made this course for you, using the symbolism of the butterfly to help you transform, open up and to DANCE with the beauty in life.

This program sprang from my own experiences of moving from a life and job that stifled who I was, to realising my dreams running a successful arts venue, teaching art and living authentically and creatively every day. I will share with you ways of thinking, doing and being that I used to do this, the things I wish somebody could have told me when I began!

We will be taking a momentous hero’s journey deep within. This journey will be fun, it will be SUPPORTED and it will be firmly grounded in real practices which actually work, not just for me but the hundreds of people I have worked with over the years.

This is a journey where you will meet your wise, playful inner artist - the one who knows exactly how to take your creative dreams and wishes out of your head and make them REAL.

Follow the Butterflies will support you in transforming your art, crafting, writing, work, business, love, family and, well, your whole life!

Wonderful and unexpected possibilities open up when you co-create your life with your inner artist. The only way to find where the butterflies will lead you is to follow them.

I want to tell you about some ways in which this program will work for you:-

1) Opening you up to possibilities. Artists are feeling beings, who live from the heart. A dry course in business, planning or practical stuff just doesn’t always work for us - in fact it can often put us off, by speaking to the wrong parts of ourselves, making us feel bogged down and ikky.

‘Normal’ advice on setting up a business, or carrying out a project, doesn’t generally apply to arty things, and that’s the truth of it.

Living creatively involves a process of being ready to receive opportunities from unlikely sources, and your inner artist knows exactly how to do this!

See, you don't have to know HOW the life you want to create is going to happen. As you delve into your new relationship with your inner artist and creative guides, they will guide you to all the people, ideas and resources you will need.

This is exactly how I have built a real life, physical business which turns over more than £150K per year - and counting - and made a living from my art and teaching.

2) Work with your Blockmonsters. We all have blocks to our creativity and to living our dreams. In the program we will spend lots of time addressing the common blockmonsters, and the biggest blockmonster of all - and turn them instead into guides and allies.

3) Connect with a Community of artists. In the private Facebook group you will connect with others on the course, share ideas, inspiration and encouragement. Perhaps collaborations and partnerships will open up, friendships may be made - and you will feel supported by others who are on a similar journey to yours. This can have a truly magical effect.

I believe passionately that YOU amazing gifts to share. Frankly, I love art and want to see more of it out there in the world - this is why I do what I do!

Following the Butterflies will ease your journey by allowing your dreams to become real and your art to flutter free into the world, where it belongs, to inspire and delight others.

Together, we will find your unique way of living and working creatively, and have so much fun on the way.

Join me now to create the life of your dreams, 

Follow the Butterflies is a program that has measurable results. People who have completed the course have started businesses, made inroads into selling their art, set up that studio they’ve longed for and tried new artforms.

"I just want to say what an amazing impact doing Butterflies has had on the way I think about myself, my art, my life....I really didn't expect it to have such a profound effect on me! No magic wand, but somehow it enabled me to cut through the crap that was holding me back, and find self belief and confidence in my abilities." (Debbie)

"I experienced working with you (ESPECIALLY the combination of video and printed materials) as a powerful catalyst on many levels where I experienced insight and change that I could not have accessed on my own... I am now volunteering at a local gallery, have a class scheduled to teach, and an invitation to submit work to a gallery in Seattle, Washington, as well as having completed a "body of work, a series of 18 pieces, that are truly my own work. Sheesh!!! How much was this class? Priceless." (Cheryl Stevenson)

"I've always felt creative, but I'm always looking for ways to grow my creativity, which Follow the Butterflies definitely helped me to do. Jani you are a creative, fun and so supportive. I loved going on this creative journey with a group of beautiful creative souls and having you as our leader. I found that I was able to grow my creativity in ways I wasn't expecting. I also wanted to add that my mom joined me on this journey, and it was wonderful watching her creativity bloom, too."
Kimberlie Burkhart Kohler

I love seeing a community of artists supporting each other and finally moving into the life they have wanted for a long, long time.

When I first realised how I truly wanted to live - that I wanted to be engaged with the arts not just on weekends in between my ‘real’ job, but every day - I knew I had the intelligence and drive to do it. I didn’t have the faintest clue HOW I was going to earn a living, run a business or any of that stuff.

Once I met my inner artist, she became the one I turned to for the HOW. She became the one who led me through the door from the ordinary world to the world of my extraordinary dreams.

You have an inner artist, too, and the way you will be led will be your own unique journey.

No one can make it or figure it out but you, and this hero’s journey will lead you to the resources you already have inside of you.

The journey looks a little like this (without wanting to spoil the surprise)!

Each week, we will focus on a different stage of the hero's journey, using journal prompts, reflective exercises, mini adventures and simple creative projects.

Week 1 – The ordinary world

Starting where you are with what you have, you will be gently guided into the course.

Week 2 – Crossing the Threshold

Taking the step into the extraordinary world and your extraordinary LIFE!
Week 3 – Butterfly book & Purpose Flowers

Simple, do-able by anyone creative guiding and planning tools.

Week 4 – Glitter Fu training

Get those Blockmonsters!

Week 5 – The Cave You Fear to Enter
Dealing with the biggest doozy resistance we all face - you'll be surprised what this is, but ready to overcome it.

Week 6 – Naming your Treasure

What is your creative dream, actually?  This week you'll get intimately acquainted with it!

Week 7 – Claiming your Treasure

The good bit and the magical summit of this journey.  It makes me tingle just thinking about you getting here!

Week 8 – The Journey Home

Taking you back gently, when you are ready, to assimilate all you have learnt into everyday life.

You will get

Over 100 pages of downloadable materials, including fill-in-able playsheets and ideas. This will be delivered to you in parts at the start of each week, and can also be downloaded as a whole book at the end of the journey, for you to keep and re-use.

Video workshops, filmed in all sort of fun locations, each week to support and inspire you.

Three guided meditations which can be used again and again.

A private Facebook group exclusive to your group journey, where you can connect with other heroes!

Four online 'meetups' through the course, in the Facebook group where you can ask Jani questions directly, share your experiences and get clarification & additional tips. This is a SUPPORTED JOURNEY, not just a pre-recorded course.

You will also create your own guidebook in the form of a small art journal - this will become a handy reminder of the things you learn, to take forward with you.

This course is for you if:-

* You want a well paced journey which fits in with the rest of your life. Designed by a very busy person, the eight weeks include time for catchup, rest and reflection whilst taking you through a lot of stages - you will be amazed at how much you are able to do!

* You are a person who has discovered a spark of creativity and wants to explore it further, but would like some support and encouragement.

* You used to be very creative, but have been less so in recent years and would like to re-ignite your passion for art.

* You are already creative and feel on the cusp of taking it to the next level - perhaps exhibiting, performing, or going 'pro' and selling your art or craft, but need a massive confidence boost to do it. I'm here to help!

* You would like to connect with a community of likeminded people and share your creative journey.

* You are open minded enough to try new things, but prefer a down-to-earth approach to developing yourself and your creativity. There is some visualisation and we draw heavily on mythological archetypes, but you will not be required to believe in any supernatural process to manifest what you want. This is real life, real world goodness you can access whatever your spiritual belief (or lack thereof!).

* You are up for the challenge of finding a hero inside yourself (cue music!).

This course is not for you if:-

* You want specific art techniques or project prompts. For fun prompts, you may want to look at my Creative Journaling eCourse - visit for details.

* You want a business course for your startup. Follow the Butterflies is wonderful for getting your mind in the right state for the challenges of a creative startup, but does not cover specifics of business.

My promise to you.....

If you do the exercises, you will notice a huge difference in your life. I’m not saying you won’t ever struggle with living your dreams ever again, but you’ll have more tools to get you past obstacles and doubts

Creative Being, you can totally give this gift to yourself!

You will get 8 weeks of fun, new friends, groovy challenges and laughs – and the results will be fabulous, you will be inspired and delighted by what you create.

Experience how creativity can transform your art AND your life for the better, for good.

Do you have another question about the course, or not sure it's quite right for you and want to check? Take a look at the FAQs about this kind of learning with me. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions at all, I will be happy to give you a straightforward answer about whether I think this is the course you are looking for!

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