Friday, 15 March 2013

Confession time.... celebrating my perfect imperfection!

When you mentor and teach, there's this feeling that you should be perfect - or at least quite close to perfect.

Thing is, I was thinking about this the other day, thinking about how put off I can be by somebody who seems to just 'have it all together'.  

I guess it just doesn't seem all that genuine.

One of my favourite teachers, Clare Campbell, says that if you meet a teacher who knows it all, run a mile.  

I think the fact that I'm a little rough around the edges is a strength.  Many people have actually said this!  At first I was not sure how to take these remarks, but now I see it as a compliment.

People who work with me on realising their creative dreams are happy that I'm a real person, because it shows them that they (real people) can also achieve creative dreams.  That they (YOU) don't have to be perfect to have a perfectly splendid life.

So, here is a little post - celebrating my imperfections...... all the things that bug me about ME, when I look at other people who are doing this helping-other-people-to-awesomeness thing.  I'm going to don my tiara and be the Empress of Imperfect.  See if I don't.

Brace yourself.

I don't meditate every day.  I meditate sometimes, but the thought of doing it every morning at the same time, or even every day, just doesn't ... it just doesn't happen.

Ditto running.  And yoga.

I get stressed and shout at computers, a LOT.

I live in a perfectly ordinary sized, non-mansiony, rather quirky, very messy house.  The bathroom gets cleaned only when I can stand it no longer.  The living room is half filled with parrot toys and there is usually bird poop on the floor.  And on some of the chairs.  Sigh.

I am often late for things.  About 20 minutes is my average.

I shout at my partner for "making me late".

Doing things at the last minute is just the way I do things.  I think I must like the adrenaline rush, or something!

I enjoy green smoothies, and other healthy tasty things to eat, and eat vegan food very often - because that's the way I want to eat.  I also have pizza, cheese, chips and red wine quite often - sometimes at the same time.  Balance, n'est-ce pas?

I speak French badly.

I often read the last page of a novel after the first chapter because I can't stand to not know the ending.

I have a bag of unfinished crochet projects next to my favourite chair.  The wool catches around my ankles when I stand up and the bag trails along after me, like a lost puppy.

Ditto half read books, mainly on time management and self improvement.  A big pile, by the bed.

Going to bed early.  I know I should.  I just don't.  Even if I get there early, I hang out on Twitter for an hour. 

Hanging clothes up?  Ironing clothes?  Please!  My clothes live in little piles on the floor, chairs and some are in little colour-coded containers, which I don't put the right colours into.  Life is too short to hang things up, honestly.  

I get cross when people blame stuff on Mercury being in retrograde.  I think uncharitable, bad thoughts about how unscientific they are, and about how clever I am not to believe such things.  This may well be caused by Mercury being in retrograde.

I want an iPad.  I can't stop thinking about the shiny thing I want, at the same time I am ashamed to want a shiny thing because it's awfully shallow.  But shiny.

Vampires.  I love them.  But not when they sparkle - no.

I love cats, but say sweary words when I see them in the garden around the bird feeders.  Grrrrr.

I never did learn to drive.

I used to cycle everywhere but now my poor bike lies rusting next to the house.

I don't have a blogging planner.  So, I'll catch you - when I catch you!

Did you like this post?  Do you want to share your imperfections?  

Then please comment below - and share it along!   Sharing and connection are so delicious.   

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    1. Yes Yes Yes to every single line and I love you more than before!!!! Brave and Scrumptous at the same time!!!! If you didn't HAVE a tiara I would have to SEND you one!!!! <3 :-)

    2. i love this :)
      once upon a time i would buy the magazines of the 'housy' variety and dream of my house (actually bungalow which i like to think of as a hobbit hole or roundhouse depending on my mood) being some gorgeous spotless piece of gorgeousness...then i realised this was impossible and stopped buying the magazines that made me feel inadequate...i did that with 'womens' magazines years ago!
      i realised that having a fuzzy springer spaniel will mean fuzzy white hairs and dust everywhere...i hate dusting...i have the odd missed (because they are small!)ferret poop in the hall way, that the said ferrets like to tunnel under the duvet and sleep there, that i too have countless books and crochet projects around the sofa and in the bedroom, i burn incense in my craft room which smells like a bonfire (my ideal perfume!)...i do yoga but not because its 'trendy' but i love how it makes me feel deep down, i prefer hobbits to vampires (yes, what is it with the whole sparkly thing?!) and i long for an ipad too...i know its wrong, i have a coal fired laptop and should be grateful...but ipad.....*sigh*

      by the way the name may be misleading...i am solsticedreamer :)

      1. So true - those magazines are only any good as parrot poop paper :)

    3. I DID like your post! It's nice to see honesty, not only put out into the world, but about one's self. Embrace your imperfections Jani... I think they are wonderful. I have four birds myself... so I know about the poop, LOL.

      1. Ah, four birds.... that's a lot of poop :) Glad you liked the post x

    4. I have been spending so much time on a project that my house is a mess. As long as my family is clothed and fed it is all good. All of us have imperfections, that is what makes us human.

    5. I'm so pleased I found you , via solstice dreamer...substitute 2 dogs for the parrot and this is me....made me smile on a damp wet morning in France, thank you

      1. Happy to find another imperfect perfect person :)

    6. I love this! This is so nearly me ... the parrot is about, (note the 'about', I've lost count!), 8 cats and my crochet sticks out from under the bed, ready to catch me unawares. I sometimes try yoga in the shower...doesn't work very well! I don't need an ipad,'s shiney and shiney is good right?
      I can drive, but gave up my car and have four rusty bikes in the garden....



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