Thursday, 12 July 2012

On using my own blinkin' name!

Right, so I've been a busy little bee getting myself websited, twittered and facebooked up in preparation for having some online e-course goodies of a get-you-off-your-behind-and-creating sort of nature.  You are watching this space, right?!

It just makes no sense to come up with some business name for all this, so I've decided to just be ME, so people know who they're actually interacting with.  But it feels quite strange!  I've had a big old attack of THE SHIVERS thinking 'Wow, my friends are going to think I've got an extra swollen head here, making a fan page for my own bad self'.  

I wonder if other artists get this?  I mean, if you are a painter, musician, whatever, you generally have your own name as a 'brand' and it feels.... well... quite personal.  Which, I guess, is the whole point!

Holy crap!  Can I not just send one of my alter-egos to do it?!

In these days of social media, where I can tweet my favourite artists and have interacted on facebook with one of my heroes, writer Graham Burnett, as he fought serious illness last year, I get this feeling that a fake persona is just not going to cut it.  

One thing I know is, *I* want to interact with real live people with proper names, not brands or pseudonyms, and I am guessing so do most other people.  

So here goes - please 'like' me, in an artistic sense, here, if the notion takes your fancy!

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